Jul 03

Since I do a lot of breadboard development I decided that I need a FTDI cable. I got the idea from Sparkfun but ordering 1 piece from the States to EU is a bit expansive and since I allready had a few FT232RL at home, I did the whole thing from the start.

It’s basicly just the chip, two signal led’s with resistors, three capacitors and usb connector. I used B-type since I have a lot of this cables and Arduino uses it (and I still have about 10 on my desk). I managed to make a single-side PCB with only 1 top-wire. If anyone needs, eagle files are found here.

Top side

Bottom side

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Jun 13

Test shield

I’ve been doing a lot of testing on my Arduino board and then one day I managed to burn one of the OUTPUT pins. Of course I never thought to have a hardware issue so I spend whole day searching for a mistake in my code, uploading and re-uploading, with no sucsess.

So I built a bullet-proof test shiend, that consist only of basic elements, LEDs connected to each output pin and a potentiometer connected to each analog input.

I also wrote a sample sketch, testing each port and then writing analog values to PWM ports, so I can test my board in a very short time.

Here’s the arduino code available, I can also include eagle files if anyone’s interested (only need to fix a glitch before publishing).

And some more pictures:

Test shield on arduino

Update: if you need EAGLE files, please click here: eagle files

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May 27

Hi everyone!

When running low on flash space you usualy have two options: use another processor (for example ATmega328 or ATmega1280), or don’t use the bootloader, which takes about 2KB (and when having only 16KB space on ATmeag168, that’s a lot!). So I started using ICSP to program my Arduino.

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Nov 21

Takole pa izgleda, ko se skup spravi nekaj mojih arduino-tov… Dva sta še v pripravi, en “old school” na enostranski plati in serijski, potem pa še dva z usb podporo. Vse seveda narejeno doma :)


(My arduino’s, all home made)


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Oct 25

kockaČeprav je že pozna ura, sem se odločil, da na hitro predstavim enega svojih prvih projektov – izzivov, ki sem se jih lotil na arduino-tu.

Začelo se je z idejo, ki je prerasla v izziv, če sem sposoben napisat program, ki bi kar se da naključno generiral številke 1-6 in jih v obliki kocke izrisoval s prižiganjem led diod. Sila preprosto za koga, a mi je vseeno vzelo kar nekaj časa.

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Oct 24

Nekako je treba začeti… no, začelo se je v prvem letniku študija s šARM-om. Potem sem se začel malo bolj resno ukvarjati s programiranjem v C-ju, a daleč nisem prišel, ni bilo knjižnic, slaba podpora,…

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