Jun 13

Test shield

I’ve been doing a lot of testing on my Arduino board and then one day I managed to burn one of the OUTPUT pins. Of course I never thought to have a hardware issue so I spend whole day searching for a mistake in my code, uploading and re-uploading, with no sucsess.

So I built a bullet-proof test shiend, that consist only of basic elements, LEDs connected to each output pin and a potentiometer connected to each analog input.

I also wrote a sample sketch, testing each port and then writing analog values to PWM ports, so I can test my board in a very short time.

Here’s the arduino code available, I can also include eagle files if anyone’s interested (only need to fix a glitch before publishing).

And some more pictures:

Test shield on arduino

Update: if you need EAGLE files, please click here: eagle files

3 Responses to “Simple Arduino-test shield”

  1. Tius says:

    Hi.. may I get the eagle files of this shield? Thanks.

  2. Peter says:

    Sure, here you go!

  3. Tius says:

    Thank you so much :)

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