Nov 21

Takole pa izgleda, ko se skup spravi nekaj mojih arduino-tov… Dva sta še v pripravi, en “old school” na enostranski plati in serijski, potem pa še dva z usb podporo. Vse seveda narejeno doma :)


(My arduino’s, all home made)


2 Responses to “Arduino ma mlade”

  1. johan says:

    how much the cost of making own arduino ?

  2. Peter says:

    It depends… probably the most expensive part on the duemilanove is the FTDI chip (~5€) and the Atmega (~3€), the rest are “small” componts that come cheap (and I have them in my stock so can’t realy tell about the price). If you can make your own PCB, I think the price would be about 10€ and one afternoon of work :)

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